Do you get frustrated with a family members inability to plan things?

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July 31, 2012 10:10pm CST
I know that things like this seem to happen in our family a lot. But today I was really frustrated. My husband is trying to buy a business where he will have different accounts in different areas. As some of you know that we will have to move out of our house by September 1st since our landlord has moved back to our state. I have been telling my husband that he needs to get everything done with his business plan so that he can talk with the bank, and to get whatever else he needs figured out so that we know where we are. I have been making arrangements for us to move to a town that is 30 minutes away from where we live now. Then today he tells me that he has just "NOW" (this evening calculated) the distances between the work place he will have to be at. He said that it will be 131 miles driving there one way in one night. I was thinking to myself you have got to be kidding. You just are now figuring that stuff out. So he says that we will not be able to live in the area I was planning on us going. So he is basically saying that some how I should find us a place two and half hours away that we can move to in four weeks. Mind you we are cutting it pretty close with finances trying to move 30 minutes. So I told him that I'm going through with the plans for the place where I'm looking at unless he goes to the bank and gets the loan approved. Because at the rate he is getting things done we will be homeless if i wait on him to figure out where we are going. He just does not get things done. And then when things go haywire he gets all upset when all he had to do was plan better and work to carry things out. I'm not going to plan on moving two and half hours without knowing if we can get the loan for the bank. The 30 minute location for our home is in the vicinity of my job and his. If we move further away without really knowing what is happening we will both be out of a job.
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1 Aug 12
Yikes, that definitely seems like something that should have been thought of way in advance. I understand your frustration because my family and my boyfriend's family gets like this sometimes. Before every major holiday my family is in a confusion of what we're going to do, what we'll eat, etc. all because my grandparents can't make decisions. They'll go back and forth for days and we won't know what we're doing until the very last second and it drives me nuts. My boyfriend's parents don't seem to plan things out either. I just went to his army graduation with them and for every family event we cut it really close by almost being late and missing out. The dad also had no idea where to drive and he put all the pressure on the mom to figure things out. Meanwhile, he's a police officer who deals with addresses and streets all the time and he seemed like a complete idiot for the way he acted. I got really frustrated because I hadn't seen my boyfriend in over 2 months and I didn't want to miss out on anything and it got kind of annoying that we almost missed everything.
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6 Nov 12
Yeah that would have been very frustrating. Especially if you all would have missed it. I'm sure that your boyfriend would have been frustrated as well if you all missed his graduation after all his hard work it is important to him that you all be there. Glad that you all made it there even though I'm sure it was frustrating getting there with all the indecision and not knowing. Hope that you and him are keeping in touch.