facebook page problems

@Olonam (870)
August 1, 2012 12:00am CST
I have this page that's been running for some times now.. it's got about 200 likes.. today it's acting really weird.. I tried posting some videos links.. it looked all good but when I went back to the page.. the post wasn't there.. I tried looking in the activity log but it wasn't there too.. So I posted the video again and again and again.. still whenever I refresh the page the post isn't there.. So I went directly to youtube and clicked the share button on the watch page.. I posted it .. but the same thing happened. It didn't show up on my page.. When I logged in to another facebook account that likes my page.. I saw all the posts there.. there were so many that it looked like a spam or something.. I don't know what happened there. Is it just facebook lag or do I need to change something? Maybe something's wrong with my account and I need to contact facebook?
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