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August 1, 2012 12:37pm CST
So for the 1st time yesterday I heard a man say that he was no longer supporting the President because her was "backing the Gays". When I first heard the President say he had changed his mind on his views of gay marriage , I was a little upset just because of the way I was raise in the church and from the thing I was taught in the bible. After Hearing a message from my Pastor on this issue, I think I am just left confused He said, Although this church is not in any way in support of gay marriage or the activities of the lifestyle the bible says God so loves the world not just the church and President Obama is everyone's President not just the President of the church members so he does understand his statement. Please tell me what do you think of this?
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• United States
2 Aug 12
Many people believe the President of the United States might have made a mistake by openly saying he believes that people have a right to love whomever they want as long as it isn't hurting anyone else then so be it. I on the other hand believe this was the right step to take because believe it or not people who are in a relationship do have the right to see their partner when in the hospital or when they die. They need to have those rights in writing just like you do when you are married and in some states if you lived with someone for so many years you are automatically considered married. The church is a non-profit organization and is suppose to keep its views separate from the government. Although many are so huge such as the Mormons; and the Catholics. I mean the Catholics don't believe in birth control and it's like the 21st century. When my kids were in Catholic School we were considered a large family and I have three kids (go figure). I believe the President will win in November and it will be him winning by a landslide. He has stood up for some things and I wish we'd get out of the never ending war before the year 2013 but you can't have everything. It's all about compromises and relationships. Loving your neighbor as thyself. Why instill hatred? Homosexuality was everywhere in Rome so why act like it never existed? At one time you were not allowed to married a person outside your nationality and thanks to the trade unionists and hippies who weren't afraid to protest and get those laws changed. President Obama will go down as a people's president and will be well remembered in years to come. There is hope for America yet!
1 Aug 12
I personally find your discussion prejudiced, arrognat, ignorant and very unfounded. just because YOU choose the bleieve in the bible what gives you the right to say gay people should not marry??? Where is your discussion to back up this view other than you believe in the church? Name me a paragraph in the bible where it clearly states being gay is wrong...... i wait with interest for this paragraph to be highlighted here!!!! you are basically saying that if people do not belive in the same tings you do then they are wrong. In life millions of us have differenting views on an enourmous variety of topics, i dont go around saying i believe in this so YOUR view on it is wrong.