Do News Channels Understand Respect?

@artemeis (4070)
August 2, 2012 4:55am CST
In the past, I really like watching international news channels like BBC and CNN who are factual and most of all, objective with their reports. However, I just could not understand how they can actually turn out to be another crappy gossip and spat channel. Starting with the recent Olympics spat at our Chinese swimmer Ye Shi Wen on doping for her excellent performance in the pool. Then, there's the recent news of our Chinese diver Wu Minxia whose family kept the tragic death of her grandmother and her mother's cancer. Now, I really do not mind them reporting the news but to cast judgement that we Chinese are insensitive people where victory is all that matters. In the first place, both news are precariously reported, outright judgmental and mean. Lacks integrity and most of all honesty. Can't they keep their judgments to themselves? Wu Minxia's episode is her family's decision and has nothing to do with the Chinese authorities. Besides, she is participating in a team event where her teammate need her to be their anchor. What can there be (better) when her family breaks their tragic encounters to her? Where's the respect? Where's the privacy when people need in times like these?
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