being amazed by wonderful people however...

@jheyan (26)
August 2, 2012 10:36am CST
I observe and I easily appreciate people, specifically, I like it when I hear public speaker of my age convey their message brightly and effectively, however it makes me ask my self why can't I be a good speaker like them, this really makes me sad... :(
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@isohyeoh (223)
• Philippines
7 Aug 12
You can be like them or even be better than them but if can't, it's something you should be sad about. We were all created with different skills and gifts and each one of us compensate for what others don't have. You have something special that these speakers whom you admire don't have. If these people see what you are, they will also be blessed just as you were blessed by their gifts. Think of what they have 'contributed' to you: were you blessed? were you strengthened? Did their message help you? If yes, that is the purpose why God gave them these gifts-that is to reach unto you!
• Indonesia
2 Aug 12
Actually you can not go but you just have to try and motivate yourself. And confident with what you achieve, apply yourself, "they can, why can not I?" with it you will try hard and you will surely achieve the results.