August 3, 2012 10:44am CST
Are you a happiest person or not? explain why ? Reason ?
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@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
29 Aug 12
I maynot be the happiest but i am happy with my family, husband, kids and grand kids, no reasons i can give; my home is a home sweet home welcome to mylot
• India
6 Sep 12
ok kalyni2011 mam enjoy your life with your family. Happy Mylotting. Thanks for sharing.
@sjvg1976 (18360)
• Delhi, India
4 Aug 12
Hello Mary, I consider myself happy because i have a loving family and God has made me capable of earning that much that i could feed myself and my family.But it depends on person to person happiness vary for people as some want more money to be happy in life and some want only love to be more happy in life.
• India
15 Aug 12
Love is more essential for happiness in life. Satisfaction is also important and what we got is enough thinking also good for life.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
3 Aug 12
Well it is very difficult to rate whether i am the most happiest person. All i can say is that i am happy with my life and very much satisfied with the way i am now and with my family.
• India
15 Aug 12
ok that is great.
@kprmdu (1)
• India
22 Jan 13
I am the happiest person. There is no doubt on this statement. I live happily with what I have.
@litvillegas (1275)
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
Hello friend Happiest person? Well, I will consider myself as a happy person now. I'm not reach, I don't have mansion, nice car, newly fashionable gadgets but I'm happy. I'm not reach in material things but I'm reach in spiritual things. I have a loving family, good relationship with our Creator,and have true circle of friends. What else could I ask for. I'm satisfied. That makes me a happy person.