No body can beat the charm of listening to a flute..

Flute - the charm of a flute
August 3, 2012 2:29pm CST
Hey guys! I have always adored a flute for the music that comes out of it is just so graceful and pious that you get completely lost somewhere while listening to it. Even Lord Krishna used to play flute and used to attract animals also. such was its profound effect. What are your thoughts regarding this? have you ever heard some one playing flute? Please share your thoughts.
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• Mathura, India
4 Aug 12
subhojit10 Yes, flute is so sweet to play and listen. Goddess Saraswati presented it to Loard Krishna. When he played flute all the BRIJWASHI (residents of Mathura and nearby) were attracted including animals too. All these things are well proved in the literature. We have so many stories showing significance of flute. Vocals of Asian Koel is commonly compared with the vocals of flute.
• India
26 Aug 12
hey thanks a ton for your lovely response. Yes Lord Krishna is a very good example of this. No body can beat him in playing a flute. he is such an inspiration and even in religious texts, it has been mentioned how animals and birds from far off places were used to be attracted towards his flute playing. Have you ever tried playing a flute?
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• Mathura, India
27 Aug 12
Hello my Dear respected mylotter friend subhojit10, Have a nice day. I respect your comment made over here. Another example of playing flute I may quote that Rome was burning and Nero was playing flute. Is it not a funny? This is the time to push + and re-comment on the response. Have a nice day. (^_^)(^|^)
• India
28 Aug 12
Hey thanks again for your comments. Yeah i have never heard about this before and thanks for the information. You too have a great day ahead.