From Chick Fil A to Hateful A?

United States
August 3, 2012 9:56pm CST
I just read an article about some gay Chick Fil A employees are feeling uncomfortable at work. One was at work Wednesday when a customer said he was happy no gays were here so he can eat in peace. One said they are called homophobic for carrying a Chick Fil A bag out on the street. In the back of my mind I thought it was safer for Chick Fil A to remain where they are than try to build in an unfriendly area.I didn't see that each restaurant would be a battleground! But sadly it is. And then I saw a picture from a town in California where some spray painted " Tastes Like hate." on the side of a Chick Fil A! Wow! Silly me . I honestly thought the crowds will keep the Chick Fil As open where they are but they can not expand. But now? I won't be surprised if many close! Think about it. would you want to go to eat where there is a verbal battlefield?There is a difference between people who just don't like gay marriage and those who out right Hate Anyone different. I wonder if Cathy is ready for his new customers? Your Thoughts.
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