Human and Tree

August 4, 2012 5:51am CST
Human is the only creature in this earth who are cut the tree and then made the paper using the tree and also wrote "Save Our Tree To Saves Our Earth" on the paper which are made by the tree. It so funny if you read this quote but when you read word by word on it, it bring a very meaningful meaning every word you read it. Sometime human mind is so stranger we always thought we are doing the right thing but if we think back the step we do does it really right the thing we do?
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• Vietnam
4 Aug 12
Hahaha. You are completely right! I agree with you. The people is the only creature destroy the planet. But that is the develop way. You see. When people have not found the fire yet, everything is OK. Then, the fire burned all of the tree which used to give people food, leaf, place to sleep,...And people killed the animal to eat too. So, someday (maybe this December), the earth will be destroy, and the people will disappear! That's is the price for us. I think so. But I don't hope so!
@riyauro (6428)
• India
4 Aug 12
yeah the saying is funny when it comes to human cutting down the trees and then preaching about saving trees. Who are they actually telling to save trees. I guess talking in the thin air and talking in vain. Humans are confused creatures.