Do you believe in soulmates?

August 4, 2012 10:26am CST
I do, I have found my soul mate. I didn't know right away that he was my soul mate but I knew I needed to get to know him better, and that I needed him in my life. Once I got to know him I then realized that he was my soul mate. To this day I believe that all the men I was with in the past, all had similarities to my soul mate, I was always looking for him. Each guy didn't have similarities with each other, but they all had similarities with my soul mate.
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@ajithlal (14568)
• India
4 Aug 12
I do believe in soul mates and I do think that soul mates do exist in the world and we will find our soul mates in life. I think most probably our marriages are made in heaven and is done on the earth. I think most times we will always find the right person in our lives. It is always good to find the right person in life.
• Canada
4 Aug 12
I agree, life seems so much better now that I have found my soul mate.
15 Oct 12
i don't think soulmates are true, but it doesn't mean i was saying it's not true.. what i was trying to say is that we are the one whose making our own lives, on how it would go and who are the people we want to be with.. and we should not only depend on SOULMATES. we are still the one who will choose for the person whom we want to be with for the rest of our lives :)