Getting to the Heart of the Matter

@adforme (2116)
August 4, 2012 11:12pm CST
I know these are times where much is uncertain. So why gamble? I am not even going to consider another mortgage. I am also aware that healthcare has to be arranged, and it is for me. If someone is able to work and provide for themselves, he or she better be sure that health care is a part of that. In America, people have many options. Some why don't some consider any with respect to important needs? Why does the president have to light fire to some people to get them on the ball to having healthcare. Unless you are homeless, I believe you can have this. I understand the economy does not allow for all of our dreams to come true, but sometimes people have to do more with less. There is too much on the backs of young children with regards to the national debt and making the future of America better.
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