What should be security measures by defensing you pc & mobile phone

November 21, 2006 6:53pm CST
for every new user on chat or internet I advice not to open any unknown looking mails or site links.it may contains virus or backdoor trojans. links like http://www.example.com/pic.jpg or http://www.example.nr/pic.scr are some example of viruses.so beware not to click on them. newbie chat users must not accept files from unknown users in chat.having double extension name of file like pic.jpg.exe or pic.jpg.scr are some example of password stealer viruses. mobile phone users must off there bluetooth while they are in public places.most of cell phones are vulnerable to security attacks like bluejacking,bluesnarfing,redfang,DoS etc. visit my site for more http://www.ethicalhacker.tk
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