Another shooting happen, what is wrong with American people?

United States
August 6, 2012 3:27pm CST
That might not be something fresh anymore, and it happen at least a couple of times within a year, like every single year. Is U.S.A fill with full of mental illness people? You already knew that, not long ago, the guy shooting people in the movie theater was a student who probably has mental illness. This Sunday, we got a guy who hates minority, shooting 6 people to dead in a sikh temple. This guy claimed to be a white supremacist. So, what is wrong with people in this nation. Or do we indulge every single one of them to acquire a gun easily, so they can go on street to open fire and randomly kill people. How we gonna prevent this? Honestly, when you reading such news, similar case, you might not get startled anymore, because it happen almost every single year at least a couple of times.
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