Maca Root

United States
August 6, 2012 6:33pm CST
So supposidly Maca Root is supposed to enhance you body naturally. Well through alot of reasearch im starting to beleive this is the true "booty herb". So many women want there body with that bottle glass figure now. Nobody wants a size 0 anymore they want umph to their junk. So I think I have found an herb to fix that solution something natural and harmless.That not only enhances your body but help with the following 1.Fertility 2.Energy 3. Hormone Balancing. Maca has been used in diffrent forms and the most popular is pills and powder. Some people use it in protein drinks some use it as a vitamin. Ive started my supply recently so ill keep you updated to see if these herbs really work.
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@Axai2012 (371)
6 Aug 12
It is the first time I heard of it. Where is the origin of this? This is good news for women, like me. for energy reasons and hormone balancing.
• United States
7 Aug 12
Hi! The origin is Peru.
@deazil (4556)
• United States
9 Aug 12
Maca root is very good and also rhodiola extract. I like the rhodiola better but I take both. It is the root (Maca) that you should take. Also, there are many low qualities of these on the market. You should research it first to find how to tell if you're getting a high quality product. People in the Andes mountains have been using Maca root for 2000yrs. Before taking any herbal/vitamin supplement you should do research. Some products can affect blood pressure/sugar levels. I don't believe that is the case with either of these. I have been taking them both for over 2yrs. Most Maca root from Peru is organic. Rhodiola is similar to Maca and is very popular in Russia. It is said to be a very good anti-aging and anti-stress agent. Rhodiola can wake you up and you will feel alert. It improves physical and mental performance. Astronauts, long distance drivers and the elderly are a few of the groups of people who it benefits. Be careful not to get the kind with caffeine in it. A very good website to go to is You may find it very interesting.