food.. ^_^

August 7, 2012 2:19am CST
need to eat because my baby in my tummy will start to wild if i'm hungry..hehehe, and when i'm full she stop kicking..hehehe, so excited to see her!
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
4 Jan 13
hi, of course in a pregnant woman they should always eat nutritious foods to give more healthier body of your baby,because the baby will only depend upon the food that mother intake her body,but pregnant woman should also avoid cold food.
@mermaidivy (15412)
• United States
13 Sep 12
Congratulations! Eat well and rest! You will need all the good nutritions for your baby to grow heathily!
@maximax8 (28860)
• United Kingdom
13 Sep 12
Congratulations on your news that you are pregnant. Well done for having a very healthy diet in your pregnancy. It is very clear that you love your baby very much indeed. It is lovely your baby kicks when you are hungry and is peaceful when you have eaten your food. The vitamins are passing through to your dear little baby girl from your diet. I hope that the remainder of your pregnancy will go well.
@SydneyJ (903)
• United States
13 Sep 12
Sometimes this is the case for me as well but if im not really that hunrgy and i eat something sweet he will start moving all around when im done eating.
• Indonesia
28 Aug 12
Wow congratulation for your pregnancy , you have to eat healthy food for your coming baby. I hope it'll be healthy and sweet baby, I hope someday I will have a baby too. I love babies,, they are just so adorable
• India
10 Aug 12
These words were so nice to read. Congratulations over this good news. Though I have never been at the situation you are in now but I can feel how happy, enthusiastic and excited you are. Also you have very well displayed your emotions in your post. I think every one who goes through it will definitely get a smile on their face. Good Luck.
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
7 Aug 12
Congrat,take care , eat nutritious foods because you need it you and your child , God made ??you give birth safely , God bless you
@riyauro (6428)
• India
7 Aug 12
wow, congrats. yeah eat well and stay healthy. good day to you