Coffee and toasts

August 7, 2012 5:22am CST
Hmmmm, who don't like to wake up and feel the amazing smell of coffee and toasts? I love it. It's so nice! Most of times i just take the breakfast 1 hour or more after i wake up, but today wasn't one of this days. It helps me a lot, wake up fine and with good things, i feel positive all rest of my day. Crisp toast, with melted butter, hmmmmmm.... accompanied with a hot creamy coffee. It's simply delicious. Thanks mom :D Yours, Phenixtail.
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• Philippines
2 Sep 12
I also love the smell of coffee and a toast with butter and strawberry jam. It blends well. :D But I like to have different kinds of breakfast each day. I also like egg sandwich and milk or rice meal. :D Now, I cut down on my coffee because according to studies, caffeine can actually disrupt hormone balance especially to those with Polycyctic Ovarian Cysts.
@fantabulus (4005)
• India
22 Aug 12
I not like coffee so I eat the toast with tea. I heard coffee is more hot than tea. I not take separate breakfast than tea and toast.
@imAbigael (475)
• Philippines
7 Aug 12
wow yummmmmm coffee and toasts are my favorite breakfast, and I want that creamy coffee then my toast have additional butter on top. waaa *drooling*
• Philippines
7 Aug 12
Coffee and toasts make my day. Waking up, having some toasts and a cup of coffee give me enough energy to work. for me, they are so-called the "perfect match." I also want these two during snack.