I like Captain Jack Sparrow character

August 7, 2012 6:50am CST
I like his entry in the movie when he was on the ship and the ship was going down in the water and at the end he reach to the beach and ship go down in the water Through the movie i like his quotes and his acting I like johnny depp acting very much
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31 Aug 12
same here adnankhan i also do like the character captain jack sparrow, i mean the way he walks like he is drunk, his get up, and the way he didn't care about what might the conditions be , he also cast himself in those conditions. like when he was stuck on that beach island with that girl he survived just on his Rum.
2 Sep 12
I think the character of Jack Sparrow is a very unique character, and johnny depp is a great actor. The personality Jack Sparrow holds and the way he moves is very unique and makes these movies great!
• China
10 Apr 13
I began to love Jonny Depp from these series of films. He acted quite attractive in these films as Captain Jack Sparrow. My mom love him, too. She said he was so beautiful with the black and big eyes as well as the little weird beard. He was humourous and brave which I think my perfect man should be, so I crazy about him. I have seen his recent movie Black Shadow but I don't like it as before. Maybe he is too tired now to play a fantastic role. In spite of such things, I would love him forever.
@Janurmas (645)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 13
Yes, many people like the Jack Sparrow character because of the character is very unique and funny. Jack Sparrow character have successfully brought the movie become one of tops movies on the world.
@Kane121 (43)
13 Jan 13
Yeah , me too. I think that he is a very practical man with the practical knowledge that is essential for us. I am serious . He is not affected by his loses , he is always up with a plan , he has great manipulative powers.
@Set440 (3)
• Bangladesh
4 Nov 12
His weirdness. Jack Sparrow is the only character who can be "weird" and get away making us think cool and funny at the same time. Obsessing over his name, his hat, and a jar of dirt is about the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Love you Jack Sparrow.
@hayate13 (37)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 12
I think Johnny deep is the best actor for this century,based on his way to animate characters that he played. Especially as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean and as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And the amazing that all of thats character acquired while he soaking in the bathub. I follow his acting from my childhood that he play in "21 Jump street" as a young detective.
• Malaysia
17 Sep 12
Now in my country it is showing Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon. I am waiting to watch it but still no chance yet because i am occupied with other chores. Its nice to know someone from myLot too loves this movie.
• India
7 Sep 12
I love his character.I love his body language and I can say everybody love him.The way he speaks,walk and fight are very jovial and very attractive. I can't imagine other actor in his place.His acting is very nice in every movie and recent movie is awesome and waiting for next movie
@bm1b4by (82)
12 Aug 12
I love Johnny Depp, but I love him most as Captain Jack Sparrow. These are probably my favorite films of all times, and I think I will continually watch them just to see Jack be his hilarious self
@marguicha (103906)
• Chile
7 Aug 12
Welcome to mylot! I think you are going to have a lot of Jack Sparrow`s fans here and there. The character is awesome and very atractive. I much prefer the character than the actor himself. I did not feel attracted to other of his characters, but this one is very special.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
7 Aug 12
I am in love with Captain Jack Sparrow. I have watched this one so many times. He is too good in acting. he can do anything. I love his Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful day.