OLYMPICS: ABAP Protested Regarding Mark Barriga's Loss In Boxing

Pasay, Philippines
August 7, 2012 9:05am CST
As we tuned in last Saturday night at Manila time to witness Mark Barriga's game against the Kazakhstan opponent. We are hoping that Mark can make it as what he did to Italy. Though unfortunately it didn't happened then the scoring was just 1 point ahead to his score. I don't really know the whole rules about boxing but then as what I could see the Kazakhstan is like cheating for forcing Mark to be knocked out by pushing him down. Seems that the play was like wrestling or Judo, because it is like a grampling style. The Kazakhstan did that multiple times and seems that it was not part of the offense. I think he was given a warning too just like Mark. So after they play I really feel like it was totally unfair. I even compared it with the player of Iran who was disqualified of the game as easy as that but then to Kazakhstan it didn't happened. When I came to the office and talked about it with my officemate he told me that it was also Mark's fault that he loss breath in some other part or he became weak. Then it while his opponent is pushing him down it was like he is pulling himself down too that can be obviously seen on TV. That is also the observation of Velasco the silver medalist of Olympics he became weak in some other parts. The ABAP or The Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines had their protest and complaint but it was junked by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) because it was too subjective for review.
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@louievill (20372)
• Philippines
7 Aug 12
That's water under the bridge now, unless we put in more time, money , training and a good system to our amateur sports, our country will never win decisively and we will always end up frustrated
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• Pasay, Philippines
20 Aug 12
Well I don't want to judge yet on how they trained our athletes here in our country but then as Mark Barriga's performance he could have been lack of air in the middle of the fight.