Crowdflower Tasks: One way to earn online

United States
August 7, 2012 10:13am CST
Most people know that I use my computer to earn online. I'm registered on a lot of different GPT and PTC websites. There are some website that offer an opportunity to earn if you're willing to do tasks. Some sites that offer Crowdflower tasks are FusionCash, Treasuretrooper, Inboxdollars, Sendearnings and Cashcrate. Last night I spent 2 hours completing a task that I thought was never going to end. It surprised me because the task was only paying .03 after it was complete. I did this task on Cashcrate and I'll never make that same mistake again. I'm learning that different sites offer different pay for the same task. The site I've found that pays the most is Treasuretrooper. I'm not sure but I think Clixsense is now offering these tasks, as well. I haven't spent time doing them on that site so I'm not sure how much they pay. Do you earn online doing Crowdflower tasks? Please feel free to share your experience.
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• United States
7 Aug 12
Postloop is another paid-to-post site. I just joined here and it's pretty easy to make $5 a day. Some of the forums you subscribe there are so new that it's hard to hit even 5 posts on them, but many are fun and it's easy to get your 5 posts in. Sometimes you want to do even more, but the limit is usually 5 posts per day. And when you hit $5 and withdraw, they usually pay you via Paypal within a few hours.
• Bydgoszcz, Poland
20 May 13
I love the crowdflower tasks also. And there is a good site called that offers those. A US, CA, UK, and AU members earn at least $5 daily doing the tasks. Thanks to
• Sweden
22 Oct 12
I use to do that too. But then I realized its not fruitful, I left doing that. Instead of doing those stupid tasks its better to spend some time in my lot.
• Canada
14 Sep 12
Yes I do earn online via websites while doing those task and it great! Crowdflower, it's a great to improve skills. I recall failing almost each and the more I am trying the more my skills increases! That's my experience.
• Liechtenstein
14 Aug 12
That's why I don't do those task. It's a major waste of time when I could spend my time doing something more productive like planning a way to earn more than a few cents (maybe at least $15-$45 for 5 hours). I mean I tend to estimate the time I would take to finish these task first before doing it. Of course these task always seem to want you to spend hours researching in order to get a few cents back. I think you can even get a better pay in Fiverr just by researching. I have a Clixsense account and I do surveys only to boost my earnings. And each survey probably took me about an hour to answer and I get 0.83 cents in return.
@oindy54 (3446)
• India
11 Aug 12
Hi, I have done Crowdflower tasks on Clixsense. I have done categorizing images into the right group which pays 7 cents for every four pages of work submitted and currently I am doing the task called "Is this Company Owned by Another Company?" which pays 3 cents per two pages of work submitted. I find this task really easy to do and my Clixsense balance is going up. However, I would still like to mention that I wished they paid a little higher than 3 cents for doing pages in this task. I am not sure if Treasuretrooper allows sign ups from my country because if it does I would try my luck there.
@fantabulus (4005)
• India
7 Aug 12
I not understand how work in Crowdflower tasks and how the task is hard or easy. Thanks to share this discussion.
@riyauro (6430)
• India
7 Aug 12
I am here on mylot and iwriter. I think iwriter pay is the best. If I do 3 posts here and I will earn .03 for sure. so I think I better stick to mylot and participate more here. It will pay better. May you can spent more time here on mylot. have a wonderful day.