Knowing your passion.

August 8, 2012 5:13am CST
My mind is very much immune by the word doing your passion. In everything that I hear and read, when you go for happiness, you have to do what your passion is. In my case, I just feel blessed and thankful every morning, specially after I wake up. There, I realize that I've got another day to live and to celebrate. I still believe though that life has so much surprises, but I haven't figure out yet what is my passion. What's your passion guys?
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@blummus (451)
• United States
8 Aug 12
There are different ways to find happiness, and it sounds as if you've already found it. You are glad to wake up each day and you celebrate being alive. Pursuing your passion in life can lead to great satisfaction in your life as well, but it may be less stable than carrying that thankfulness and joy inside you. For example, my greatest passion is learning. I am very curious and the hunger for learning and understanding more does not stop. I am often happiest when I have a new book to read or an experiment to try, but there are times when this passion brings me sadness as well. Sometimes I learn things that depress me terribly, so while my passion for knowledge and learning is fulfilled, there are times I did not know how badly our oceans are polluted and how bad the crop losses from bad weather are likely to be this year. Sometimes it is hard to keep up hope. Keep on being thankful and enjoying every day, Roselavon. That's the real way to happiness.
@toniganzon (53688)
• Philippines
8 Aug 12
I have passion for photography. Lately i put a lot of effort and work into it. I"m a bit of obsessed. It lets me see things i haven't seen before. Make me appreciate life like i haven't appreciated before.