August 8, 2012 9:19am CST
Buying or investing in a life insurance is another form of making money. Most of the time rich people or those with extra money are insurance believers, they buy life insurances and when they die their family will have additional wealth or will have something to start with. How I wish our people will understand this and will save to buy an insurance.
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@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
8 Aug 12
hi! , i buy an insurance for my own,and for my family, its because thru insurance we can have a discount on our health needs.
• Philippines
8 Aug 12
Congratulations ! nice to know that you have a health insurance something to answer for your health needs.
• India
19 Sep 12
you are right. life insurance is very help full in life . It protect the whole life.
@paulli3 (312)
• China
9 Aug 12
buying an insurance is so important. you can get money from it and i think the most important is you can get asfer guarantee by buying an insuance. so in my opinion, it is neccessary to buy insurances for my families. they are good and you can get money from it.
• Bangladesh
8 Aug 12
The poor cant afford policy of the companies whose premiums are large. Better they are prefering micro policies. But people are lossing confidence on insurance. Because in most cases they dont give good and sincere service to the clients. Apart from this insurance companies gives poor return in coparsion to what the clients pay. Before the acquisition of Alico it would give 12.5 % interest on savings after the maturity. But MetLife, having aquired Alico, gives 9% interest on savings after maturity. I think MetLife has appeared as huge profit maker, huge profit eater. Besides this Insurance companies have so forfeiture parts of a policy about which the half literate clients can never know. Insurance workers never make clients to know they are being trapped by their forfeiture options as well.
• India
8 Aug 12
Yeah health insurance helps us in case of emergency.. u can say its a form of making money..