I was considering quit my part - time job

United States
August 8, 2012 3:27pm CST
As I mentioned before, I hate this part - time manager, she is a total b*tch. Not only she is lazy and don't want to work, my hard work tips must be shared with her at the end of the day, since she is the manager. While one day, I told her that I have to be late for 1 hour for some emergency I have to take care of, I won't mind she took one hour my wage off. At the end of the day, she marked which is her tips before I came, while when I got there, my tips must be shared with her. I wasn't at all happy about it. From time to time, she pick something on me, and accuse me of this and that without respect. I think twice, should I quit it or not. I somehow would fed up with her, and want to curse her loud and clear in front of everyone. I still considering should I quit it or not. But I also need some money to pay off the debt I owe on the credit cards too. It is a dilemma.
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@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
8 Aug 12
yes king is is a dilemma,,but I would just suggest to anyone working not to quit a job before having another one,,,Now is sounds like you have been pushed to the limits...Why is she so nasty,, is it you or everyone? I would not say to continue there because I would not want you to end up doing something that you might regret.. I will suggest you make a well thought out decision, nothing quick, but I will say curse her out when you do finally leave,,,she's been asking for it for a while so let have it...at least you will get some saitsifaction... LOL...
• United States
8 Aug 12
Sometimes, she is so intolerable. Me and other co - workers had this beef with her, and she is not a qualified manager. Selfish, and lazy. I just don't understand why would my hard work must share the tips with her, while she is not doing anything at all. Most of the time, she called her friends, or socializing with others.
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
11 Aug 12
King, at this moment i think you will still need to continue with your this part-time job until you find another better offer. By the way, as why the manager was allowed to share in the hard work tip? I thought that tip is just being for staffs who do the hard works. Seems like, your that part-time manager is really a very greedy person. Hope you will be able to find another better job soon. Good luck to you...
• Philippines
9 Aug 12
Don't quit your job. You never know the importance of a job until you lose it. Like me, I lost my job because I wasn't able to take care of it. Now, I am currently job hunting. It's really hard to find a job with the competition now.