Millionare poet

August 8, 2012 6:20pm CST
Is there one or has there ever been one? Really, Ive been looking all over the net for chances of becoming an internet millionare With no luck. But upon my travels Ive read articles about writing poetry and earning abit of extra cash. Being a song writer I thought I might as well give a shot... It was a complete waste of time although..... Writting it did give me a sense of peace, Weird huh? considering Im into Heavy Metal.
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10 Aug 12
What is a song without a verse? What is a verse if not a poem? if you write songs you are already writing poetry, you just have to concider what you like in a poem, for me it's rhyming, I still hold on to the childish belief that poems should rhyme, but only because I enjoy the challeng finding somehitng to rhyme with some obscure world I ended the previous line with :) I suspect you let something of your troubles into the poetry, to hold those thoughs in your hand instead of in your mind, that would be peaceful I'm sure I listened to heavy meatal for years, still do occasionally, nothing wrong with that, but perhaps not while I'm writing a poem about the peaceful sunlit glen with the deer drinking from the stream, suspect the endng would turn out differently :)
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8 Aug 12
I look on the internet constantly to earn money. Trouble is I don't want to put up money for some DVD to show me how and have it go nowhere and I don't want to sell stuff so... I've done online surveys and made about 80 dollars in six weeks. Can't feed my pets on that. I'm on here just to add to the stash. Isn't songwriting really poetry anyway? If you enjoy it do it anyway - it is not weird. Submit your work on a blog (I don't know how that works or why people make money with it but I hear they do). Good luck with it!