Are really women complex beings? or men too?

August 9, 2012 12:39am CST
It is general saying that a woman is complex being. they are very perfect actresses in real life too. they are expert to tell lie stories even they are caught red-handed. similarly men are also not behind to make their wives fool. some men are habitual to hide the realty with their family. what do you think whether women will get more marks or men in this regard?
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@Mark72125 (135)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Aug 12
Both are pretty complicated in their own ways.Men and women think pretty differently and that's just how it is.I don't think that women should only be considered, men are not much different hehe!
@Suziecha (89)
• China
9 Aug 12
As far as I'm concerned,all human beings are complex beings. Usually,telling lies is an approach to hiding disadvantages or lose,so you can see that women are acted to be kind and virtuous,and generous gentleman is a man's role.
@celticeagle (119880)
• Boise, Idaho
9 Aug 12
I think both are pretty hard to understand. Especially when we are young and rather self involved. If both parties treat eachother with respect and consideration there shouldn't be a problem. The problems arise when two people jump into a relationship without getting to know eachother first. If they don't they might feel trapped and do things that are not responsible. And a man and a woman can seem hard to understand under these circumstances.
@Rasedul19 (114)
9 Aug 12
Several day ago i told a friend that girls are 10 times expert in acting than a man. Fishes learn swimming from their birth no need to teach them. As like of that girls learn acting by birth no need to teach them of that. but acting complexion depends on her knowledge. As much she has knowledge, so much she can more complexion acting.