@hsofyan (3448)
Jakarta, Indonesia
August 9, 2012 9:49am CST
Looking at the sea, which seemed endless, making us feel free from the burden of life. Waves up and down, seems reasonable. Remove protests about living a successful and failed. You feel it?
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• Indonesia
10 Aug 12
Hello hsofyan, i too feel the same thing about the sea. When i was living in bali my dormitory is not far from kuta beach. Every morning after i finished my duty cleaning the class room early morning i run to the beach and enjoy the scenery. I felt so fresh and relax, i would draw on the sands and let the wave wiped it away, its like the sea can hear our pain, when i missed my family, when the trainer treat me unfairly, when i had problem with my roommate, i went to beach to scream out my pain. I love the sea, but now i live in jogja. I dont often go to sea anymore.
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@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
10 Aug 12
Yes, the sea is the perfect place to shed our feelings. I often do.