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@SomeCowgirl (32270)
United States
August 9, 2012 1:38pm CST
I am not sure about other Native english speakers but when I see a discussion with another language , even if they translate what they are saying, I do not respond. I was wondering about this, I didn't think it was necessarily allowed, but I also didn't think there was a "guideline" on it and there isn't. As follows are the only guidelines I found as pertains to langauge use. Under the do section I found : Post in English, unfortunately the staff at myLot is not bilingual. Whereas, under the do not section I found : Post symbols or languages other than English unless you are asking how to translate a word or a phrase. AND Post discussions, responses or comments criticizing members for bad/broken English or bad spelling. Everyone is welcome at myLot, we have users from all around the world and they are welcome regardless of their proficiency with the English Language. Of course the latter is a big no no as we are all equal here at mylot. Now my question is, what if it is translated for us? I can see where say describing or transcribing a conversation that was had can be valuable if using the person's native tongue and then them translating it. Those who speak the language can better understand what was said, and maybe offer the discussion starter a better way to translate it into english (as maybe there own translations (that of the discussion starters) was off a bit) Still there is no guidelines that says YAY or NAY on this, and it's not exactly a "asking for a translation" discussion that I've found these other languages (WITH it's translation) in, but it could also very well be deleted and we wouldn't exactly KNOW why since they did provide a translation. I realize my discussions can be confusing so if you are unsure on something I've said please do ask. For those who do understand : What do you think? Do you respond to these discussions? I believe GAALEX should be coming in and giving us the low down on it.
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• Philippines
10 Aug 12
Hello cowgirl, I think some post can be allowed if there's a translation for that sentences. but they might as well write it in english if they know the translation since mylot promotes more english than other languages. there was a few languages being spoke of not english, i would report them the next time i encounter one. if it's a regular, there's no excuse. besides, no one warned me that much i think reading the guidelines is a personal responsibility.
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
10 Aug 12
I agree - to a point. I have seen these kinds of discussions, and if I'm interested, I will respond, but mostly I don't. However, I have also seen discussions, in English, that are only of interest to someone in a certain part of the world. They have even said that they are directed at those people, I don't respond, because I'm generally not at all interested, but I wonder if they get taken down too.