Biometric screening today, keep up healthy

United States
August 9, 2012 3:47pm CST
At my work place, we had this annual biometric screenings. Basically, employee sign up for a time to get their checkup from those clinic nurses. They will show up at our workplace, and perform those blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose check up for us. The benefit of it is, that our company wants all of the employees to be healthy, and if we participate this check up, we will get at least $500 discount on our health insurance premium. Why not, you know your health scale, and you can take preventive care of yourself. Then you will get this discount incentives. I love this program, and I would volunteer to participate every year too.
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@freqspaz (220)
• United States
10 Aug 12
Oh wow. I would love to work for a company that actually cared about its employees. The past three jobs I've had... wait no, correction the past FOUR jobs I've had either didn't offer health insurance or if they did they gave it to you at a really HIGH premium and didn't even give you time for appointments with out getting a lot of grief. Like I had two appointments in two months, one for my womanly yearly thing, and the other for my yearly with my primary health care doctor and my supervisor couldn't understand why I needed two days off in two months for appointments. And because I refused to go into detail he made me take a sick day for one of them. Yeah he was a real winner. The job I'm at now doesn't even offer sick time off so if I get sick or have an appointment and it falls on a work day, I'm stuck just not earning that day. Like at all. So I actually have to set money aside weeks in advance so that my budget isn't goofed up for an appointment or sick day.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
9 Aug 12
yes. it appears as a staff welfare measure and at the same time promotion activiity for insurance. whatever it may be if you get proper check up and readings are given correctly then it will be of great help. In 1994 when I wanted to donate blood I went to the hospital but they did not take blood stating I was having high blood pressure. Of course I did not bother about that and I started taking BP medicines from 2004/5. periodical check up is good--discounts are encouraging. What is the percentage of people from your work place who participated in it today. good day,