When Comparisons Exist

August 9, 2012 7:04pm CST
I really hate it when my mother compares me to my brother whenever I have some things that cannot be done in due tie and satisfactorily. Well, I'm also a human being, I'm not perfect so she should allot some romm for errors. But I am not questioning my mom, I just want to let her to be more considerate. :(
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• United Arab Emirates
29 Nov 12
That cannot be avoided since you are brothers and sisters. I'm a mother too and I can say that we compare siblings because we want everyone to excel and not one will be left behind. I know we may sound irritating most of the time but honestly speaking, we have no ill will regarding this. We just want our other children to catch up to those who are doing better since it is also for your own good. Rest assured, we love all our children whether you are the best or the opposite. At least, know for yourself that you did your best. If you still give it your all and you did not succeed, at least you did it. Just try to do better and never quit.
@Mark72125 (136)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Aug 12
Getting compared can be really frustrating and annoying this.I used to get compared a lot by many people when I was young with my brother.Because he has always gotten better results than I have.But, you just need to focus on what you can and let go I guess and everything should be fine!
@ARIES1973 (9533)
• Legaspi, Philippines
10 Aug 12
I also experience the same thing during my childhood days, yuekim! And because of that, I've learned to asked myself if my mother really loves me. My younger sister is better, my mother would always talk about her whenever she is with her friends and a lot of things that cause me to have some insecurities. But it did not stopped me from striving hard to get the things I want. Until time came, I was able to enter into government service. This time whenever I visit the school where my mother is teaching, her co-teachers would tell me, oh your mother is so proud of you! I know, because on her income statement, being accomplished and filed yearly, where a part is intended to provide names of relatives in government service... I am the only name written there. relationship-daughter.
• Malaysia
10 Aug 12
I understand how it feels like to be compared to your own brother. Competition is always going among siblings, but this situation should not be worsen by your mother's act of favoritism. I think it is really unfair for her to compare you and your brother because obviously both of you are different persons and thus you might have different abilities than what your brother owns. You have your own strengths and weaknesses and so does your brother. I am sure that there are certain things where your brother is weak at but you seem to flourish in. It's sad that you mother have not yet realized that she is making your sad and perhaps a bit angry with her action. I only hope that you will be able to let her know about how you feel in this situation and make her realize that you are her precious daughter and that you have feelings just like any other human beings. Have faith, I believe your mother will change one day.