How to deal kids that are hardheaded?

@blinjk (613)
August 9, 2012 8:53pm CST
Kids now a days are so hardheaded and they always do what they want and what they like. They sometimes do not obey and to what their parents are telling or saying.They also answer back at their parents and sometimes they do not respect them anymore. This really is hard for parents. Parents should do something about it in a good way so that they will be respected and be obeyed. My father usually tell us that we should obey them because it is a commandment of God. As a parent, I always tell my son the consequences of doing things that is wrong in a calm and nice way. Then he would cry and tell sorry but again he always repeats it. I am getting tired sometimes and sometimes I admit that I shout at him because of that. What do you think is the best way to discipline a child who always repeat things that are not good for him?
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10 Aug 12
Wow, what a good parent you are in responding in a calm and nice way most of the time That is hard to do I know, and don't be too hard on yourself for occasionally yelling at him You are not perfect you are human. This is what works for me. The next time he does something inappropriate, you sit down with him and explain to him why it is wrong in a calm manner. Then you say, we have talked about this before and if you do it again this is what is going to happen. You decide what will have the most impact on him, not going somewhere, or not playing with something or not having something. And if it happens again, do not give him what you said and do not give into him. Stay calm and be responsible and loving. If you give in even once you defeat the entire process. And if you get angry or lecture you are reinforcing the negativity. So just stay calm and say, You know we talked about this and this what was going to happen. End of Story. Hope this helps.