Is there any difference between daddy's love and mama's love?

August 10, 2012 7:09am CST
Love between parents and children is usually regarded as endless and unconditional. Nevertheless, a distinction is sometimes made between maternal and paternal love. The attitude is sometimes expressed that a father may have limits to this love, but a mother never can. Perhaps this is because the child was once, before birth, part of the mother's daily existence, but to the father has always been another, separate being.
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@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
12 Aug 12
There is no difference its just differ in expressing that kind of love. I am as a father a strict and a very frank especially when it comes to reality. I have a daughter and i dont want her to be naive and i want to protect her all my life. She sometimes misunderstood, but were fine now since she is legal age and knows and understands anything that i say. She believes in me and that is something to be proud of like there are a lot of teenagers out there that thinks that fathers does not want them to be happy but it is really not like that. I think mothers are more sweet and understanding like even if it is wrong or not the right thing yet, they stiii understand and take every risk
@imAbigael (475)
• Philippines
11 Aug 12
We are all girls and my dad was been in the abroad since when I was born and I only met my father when I was in high school, so for me there is a difference between my parent. I love my mom the most because she is the one who been there for me then my dad I also love him but I can tell that we still have a gap.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
10 Aug 12
I think my parents don't have difference in the way they bestow love on us. They are both are alike. God I want to do something big for my parents , I want to give them back now. I wish it comes true before the end of this year. There are my love. when Ever I just think of them, I see they are calling. we have very strong bond and can't explain it to you. thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day,