removing back pain

August 10, 2012 11:35am CST
Hi fellow mylotters, while I am mylotting, I usually sit on my chair and I use my computer. After ten minutes or so, I feel something aching. It is my back I would just like to ask if you know some remedies for this? Help!
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• United States
28 Oct 12
It is likely your chair or how you sit. Try either hot water bottles (rubber bags made to hold hot water) or heat patches. Also, either find a more comfortable chair or buy a lumbar support piece to add to your chair. Usually lumbar support is marketed to pregnant women, but it is slowly becoming known that lumbar support can help with many ages, and both genders. Actually, a lot of the newer luxury cars have an added lumbar support that one can adjust along with all the other adjustments of the drivers seat.
@rameshchow (5283)
• India
17 Oct 12
you can not get total cure from tablets. the best way is natural therapy by sitting in a proper position and by walking in a proper way you can get cured. and being happy is the best way to get cured early.
@ckciasigurl (1713)
• Vienna, Austria
20 Aug 12
hi savage! sometimes im having my back pain also i didn't try to consult to a doctor what im doing as my solution is to put a pillow at my back and it relieve the pain
• United States
13 Aug 12
My back hurts constantly so I use a electric heating pad. I don't know if you have a muscle pull or something else wrong but sometimes ice helps and sometimes heat. You could give it a try.
@louievill (20392)
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
When that happens to me, I sleep with a hot water rubber bag placed in the painful area to make the blood circulate better, just don't know if the same would work for you cause back pain has many causes.
@youless (94778)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Aug 12
This is usually the problem after facing to the computer for a long time. And I don't think the medical treatment will be very effective to it. The best way without any side effect is swimming. Sometimes I will have the back and shoulder pain. I found if I go to swim and this problem will be gone. I don't know why but it really works. If you can keep on swimming once or twice a week, then your back shall not be painful any more. I love China
@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Aug 12
Stretch the neck and waist. Put your water away from the computer desk, so you have to walk to pick it up. Happy trying
@lynboobsy11 (11346)
• Philippines
11 Aug 12
There's a lot of thing that can cause a back pain. I have it since I give birth to my children, I'm lack of B complex vitamins that's why I always have it everyday. Sometimes wrong position too can cause back ache try to change position or try to change the height of the chair your using too. I normally take pain relievers for it.
@tetris15 (540)
• Philippines
10 Aug 12
Hi. I'm not an expert here but I must say, there are several causes of back pain and treatment will depend on it. Doctors usually refer to it as acute if it has been present for less than a month and if it lasts for a longer period of time, it is considered chronic. Also, posture play a big part on having these back pains. I guess you could try to lay down for a while and observe if the pain will go away. If it continues after you took a rest, it's best to consult your doctor. I hope this helps somehow. I wish you well.