A Writer must submit a new and fresh story everyday.

August 11, 2012 6:41am CST
Hi there Fellow Mylotters, Just a quick one, being a Writer, I am aware that my main task/job is to write a story. Hence in this regard, I just want to clarify if it really requires to write everyday. As in literally, doing it daily. I mean, does a Writer really needs to do a write-up everyday. As I have seen on the site where I have joined, that, they do somehow require the Writer to submit a new and fresh story so a possible earning will somehow be credited.
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@Lushlala (939)
• Gaborone, Botswana
27 Aug 15
I guess it depends on the sort of writer you are; are you an author, do you write as a freelancer where you sell your articles or do you write for a content mill type site? I think that would determine how much and how often you write. I write for an online magazine, and the editor requires at least 2 articles per writer per week, which is manageable. In between submissions, I just do a little research and take my time doing the write up.
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
12 Aug 12
Has submit new story every day its will be really frustrating for someone who really enjoying writing like me. Thats why I never joining this writing site because I know I will not earn much because I am really moody when writing something. I hope you earn as much as your effort to made new and fresh story every day. Good luck on your writing , because maybe you had talent in it.
• United States
12 Aug 12
As a writer if you want to be recognized and followed it is a good idea to write a new story or article every day. This keeps your readers on their feet and looking forward to your next post.
@dream_ozn (1758)
• Singapore
12 Aug 12
i think it depends on what type of a writer you are. if you are a free lance writer, then it depends on what kind of company you are attached to. if you are working on a story book, it is impossible to ask any writer for that matter to churn out one story every day. However, being a writer, i think you should continue writing becuase i hope that writing is your interest. then you'll be compelled to write even when there's no job!
• United States
11 Aug 12
I think it depends on the site to which you belong. Most sites like consistent fresh material, but not necessarily every day. For websites that I own, I do write every day so the material is fresh and it shows active participation. For other websites, which I do not own I do not write every day but still try to add material on a regular basis. If you tell me the name of the website that you are referring to, if I am a member I can probably tell you what their guidelines are. They are all different. It is true, however, the more you write the better your earnings. To some people that means several articles a day, to some several articles a week. Hope this helps.