Still blows

@alberello (4755)
August 11, 2012 6:36pm CST
An Italian musician Pierangelo Bertoli, wrote this song I will report some verses. Unfortunately, it really tells what was done wrong to the planet Earth! And the water fills the sky with smoke of foam chemistry leprosy destroys life in rivers birds flying barely sick of death the cold interest in life has barred the doors entire island has found a grave in the sea the false progress has wanted to try a bomb Then rain that quenches the thirst for land that is life Instead, it brings death because it is radioactive One day the money has discovered the world war he gave his putrid animal instinct sign killed, burned, destroyed in a sad rosary And all the world was wrapped in a black shroud and soon the new key hidden secrets cover it with mud even the planets the stars will want to pollute the war between those Crimes against life call them mistakes But the wind still blows spraying water on ships bow songs and whispers among the leaves kisses the flowers and kisses them catches them and yet nearly campaigns strokes on the sides of the mountains women and ruffles his hair runs to race with the birds in flight
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