Doing or saying things when you are drunk

@blinjk (613)
August 12, 2012 8:05pm CST
Sometimes drinking can make us brave and do a lot of things that we really do not want to do or even say things that we like to say. I, myself did something like that when I got drunk I have been saying something things to my friend and my ex boyfriend. I know that I am wrong telling that but I think that they should understand that because I am drunk but they did not.For me, it is okay I said sorry already and must move on with life. Another story of being drunk is about my boyfriend when he got drunk, he becomes so brag and boastful, so talkative about his life as if he knows everything.But when he is not drunk, he is a silent type of person and he is so good.At first,I always get angry at him because of doing things like that because I feel really so ashamed to the people with us.He gets drunk so easily and i think I am stronger when it comes to drinking. He cannot control what he says and what he do and sometimes I really do not like to be with him anymore because he destroys the night when I am with my friends. How about you guys? Do you do that when you were drunk?
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@jugsjugs (13045)
13 Oct 12
It has been some time since I got drunk, as I rarely drink now.I use to hate all those hang overs as well as if I drank too much then I would either fall asleep, or be sick. I do enjoy a social drink, where as you have one or two drinks with a few friends and that is fun, as I enjoy watching them get drunk, including my mother. I have never regret anything that I have done when I have been drunk and can remember most of what has happened.
14 Aug 12
I can definatly relate to you on that. I like to have a drink now and again but when me and my boyfriend go out together he acts like a fool in so many ways it is rediculous. I can not enjoy myself because he has to be the center of attention and no one else can carry on a conversation without him interupting and being rude and out of the way, talking dirty and doing stupid things. Everytime we go out with friends to have a drink we end up arguing and the night gets ruined. Like all men he thinks he is not doing anything wrong. I find myself having to drink more just to put up with him and of course the more I drink the more I say whats on my mind and tell him how big of a fool he is breing and that only makes things worse. Good Luck changing him because I sure haven't any luck. My thought are with you.
@iamJB7 (123)
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
One thing I like about drinking is it makes me unashamed. I'm really a shy type person, I barely talked to someone. But when I'm drunk..woooahhhh I'm talkative and because of that I met new friends. For me it's a good thing cause it improves my self-esteem. Well, that was before. I've change because drinking caused me so much trouble. I became popular in school(not a good image). They called me drunkard and sometimes they called me "bottle". I really don't like it calling me like that. So I've change for the good.