Why do you think some parents could not hug or kiss their children?

August 12, 2012 10:34pm CST
Maybe, the parents are just too busy with their work and they can't find time hugging or kissing their children. The child might not want to be kissed or hugged because he/she might be shy or not comfortable anymore.
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@vathsala30 (3723)
• India
9 Dec 15
May be in some places parents do not feel like hugging or kissing their wards but in most of the household i have seen the mom always petting her children by hugging and kissing and she feels on the top of the world if her child hugs and kisses her . In our house we do pet our children still though they are grown up and it gives a secure feeling to them and gives a feeling that someone is there for them
@caopaopao (12553)
• China
13 Aug 12
Rodivina, My parents love us very much but they seldom hug us or kiss us. I know they just show their love in their way. Now we have a child, we hug or kiss her almost every day, that's the way we show our love to my child . I also remembered that once a mom told me when her son was very little, he liked to hug her, but she told him it's unmanly. She thought girls could hug while boys had better not.But of course she loves her son very much. And now her child is about 30, one day, she hugged her son because she was happy, and her son felt uncomfortable for that. I think the habbit was developed since we were children. Do you agree? But I believe most parents do love their children no matter they like hugging or kissing or not.
• United States
13 Aug 12
Because they are not born with a loving spirit I believe. My mother hugged us all the time and told us she loved us. I know people in my family who never did this. they are such cold people to be around. I could live the rest of my life without seing either of them. A true parent can't help but cuddle their kids.