Why does Universities making it difficult for students to fill up their forms?

@r3jcorp (1384)
August 13, 2012 12:05am CST
My eldest daughter is graduating this year. I have no plans in letting her study in Manila because of so many danger that she may encounter. Floods, natural calamities, bad people, bad friends, traffic, fraternity and hazing, and my little fears... those may hinder a good future for my child. But still I will let her take entrance exams to some colleges, like Ateneo and UST who are giving the forms free while other cost around Php 500.00. The UST form is simple and have little requirements, that one she submitted two weeks ago. But the Ateneo form, which require recommendations from 2 people from school, then a personal essay reqarding achievements that makes her a better person, records from her current school and a lot of pictures... I don't really know if this is really needed as her entrance would definitely be based from exam...
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@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
19 Aug 12
Most schools are really strict on this. The school that I went to conducted interviews to each of the student who wanted to attend the school. That would be aside from the recommendations and exam. They asked us why we wanted to go there and stuff like that. My high school senior adviser (the one who gave my recommendation) told me that they called her and asked about me. Some school on the other hand are just doing it for money. While some schools are doing it for the sake of doing it. I think that an exam should be sufficient to know the intelligence of someone if that is what the school is looking for.
@r3jcorp (1384)
• Philippines
4 Sep 12
Hi Tessa... you are right, Schools like Ateneo wanted the best students, those who are academically prepared and with good morals too. They are very strict with the recommendations as they wanted it to be sealed, this is aside from the recommendation of the principal. I could not blame them as they are asking for a very big amount of tuition fee but at the same time promising of a good future for the kids. But it is indeed too long process that at one point, I should have told my daughter not to bother taking the exam since we are not financially capable of enrolling her there. I change my mind because I know it will worth the experience and of course if she pass, it will add to her self esteem. I heard that Ateneo entrance exams is harder than University of the Philippines.
• China
13 Aug 12
You mean this is the entrance to PHD?If yes,those forms is just a little bit,in my city,if someone want to study as a PHD student,the exam is just one thing,there are a lot of things need to be prepare such as the publication paper,the recommendation by famous PHD supervisor,and so on.That will be very complicate,but I think it is the PHD so every thing is worth to do.