Why do Parents sometimes favor a particular child?

August 13, 2012 2:01am CST
Do you feel this is necessarily unfair?
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• Philippines
13 Aug 12
This is one aspect of parenting that every parent must be conscious about. We must always to be best that we can give equal attention, love and nurturing to our kids. This is sometimes hard especially if one of your kid is really getting on your nerves with tantrum. But these tantrums should be one watch post in their attempt to seek attention. This is really difficult to practice and the best of luck to us parents.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
13 Aug 12
yes they are all your children then why be unfair to them. This unfairness can make the child being neglected (or not treated like other sibling) go in wrong direction in life. Not everyone is strong to deal with this unfairness of parents. The thought comes to mind that when my own parents don't care about me then Why should i live or anything. There are lots of side effects of unfairness on the victim child. I have seen it happen in many families. I don't know what kind of heart those parents have who are unfair worth their own children..To highlight it.." A child having unfair parents, do not need enemies, cos the parents are like enemies to them"