I have gotten used to being alone that I get lost if I am with someone...

August 13, 2012 7:09am CST
It's been a while since my past relationship and I had been living alone, away from family and most of my friends. All alone in another country. Then I finally had my nephew for a while with me. I come from a big family at which having a lot of people coming in and out of the house is normal. Two to three people sleep in a room. I would even sleep with a cousin or a sibling in one bed. In a dormitory school that I gone to next was the same, never alone in a room and always with friends when eating, going out and always chatting... talking about anything under the sun, never ending exchange of words until the wee hours of the night. Then I finally had to live alone when I finally went to the university. I don't remember how it felt like being alone. It was only when I finally had a serious relationship after about two years of living on my own when someone told me that I was too independent. My partner used to tell me that I didn't really need someone in my life. I started to compromise but it was difficult for me at first because I kept thinking and including her in every move I made, even with simple things. I would already forget what it is that I need to do for my own self. I would forget a lot of things, like keys for example. I would forget things to buy in the supermarket. My schedule got complicated with work and personal errands. I got over it though and realized how free I I was when we broke up. Not that I intended and liked it to be like this. After a couple of years of again, living practically alone and finally have this nephew of mine living in my house at the moment, it is like de ja vu to start forgetting things again.
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
I am not use to living with many people all my life. I know it's not easy to live differently from what you are used to be. But, in certain condition you must learn to adopt a new way of living. I am sure you will get used to both kind of living soon- living alone and living with people.