Man,Gun,Bank and World

August 13, 2012 8:55am CST
Give a Man a Gun he can rob a Bank But Give a Man a Bank he can rob a World Haha..this quote tell us how greedy we are in a funny way. Actually the word greedy only one word in five different alphabet but it clear enough to reflect someone the no limit desire to acquire more money and materialistic. are you too agree with this quote?
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• United States
13 Aug 12
I had never heard that quote before and wow it is so true especially in this economy. The banking industry has really ripped on the citizens of the world for years and years. Just look at the mess we are in . Really a good quote- just my humble two cents.
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
i agree with this. and this is also the reason why people with nice clothes still suffer financially. give man a money, he will buy a nice shoe, give him plenty, still he will buy a nice shoe but this time with signature :) it is very rare that you give him plenty and he will buy nice shoe then save some for other more important stuff. this are just example of many things we always wanted in our life that affected by greed etc.