my dream in music

August 13, 2012 9:02am CST
when the first time i learned to play guitar, i didn't know whal will i did with it, and when the first time I lheard Guns n roses , I started my dream to be a rock guitarist, and then I listened to yngwie malmsteen, since that day, I raelly started a heavy practice about 3-5 hours a day,, Then I hope someday I'll be a rockstar and have my own guitar solo album, but it's not as easy as i think, I sent my song to a label but the result is not what i want, maybe because the quality of my recording isn't meet the standard, so I started to learn music software for recording, mixing, and mastering, I started to collect my money to buy some hardware, like soundcard, guitar amp, etc, now i've been learning music software production for about 3 years, and my recording is getting better, and now i'm still trsining my ears to get a better record result, now i'm doing the mastering process for some of my songs, I think my dream to have my own album is almost done,, eventough I'm not get a producer to do that, but I'm satisfied with the result of the struggle that i did.. this is my story.. feel free to tell your story :)
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@Aggy91 (49)
13 Aug 12
Hi,what a great dream u got there Drimerz.I love your passion and persistance.You dont give up that easily,do you?Go for it and you will definately make it!
14 Aug 12
yes,, thanks aggy91,, I'm trying to get better everyday in music production, I have a faith that so many ways to be success, the key is don't ever give up. :)
@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
13 Aug 12
Congratulations. You have been successful, although not yet entered the production of major label record. I salute you. I don't like you are diligent and persistent. So my songs now, still in the form of live recordings, with no mixing and mastering.
14 Aug 12
yea, thank you so much hsofyan :) .. I really love music and making music is my passion, so I don't mind to practice it every day,, hehe... wow great , maybe you should give the song to mixing and mastering process to get the standard music production :).. good luck
@redtesha (1303)
• Indonesia
13 Aug 12
that's good. you should search a producer to publish your album. that's your dream right, so do harder for your sake .. i love playing guitar too but now i'm stop since my band is broken. we are too busy to playing a band together. In Indonesia, girls in band is not popular, different with boys in band .. everyone in here love girls band or boy band, who great in dancing, have good looking, but i don't like that. i don't wanna to dance for get my new band or make an album , so i stop playing music. I just playing music when i have time or i should play in my church .. so that's my story, drimerz .. :)
14 Aug 12
yes. thats my dream, and thats why I never stop to try..hhehehe.. yup, girl band and boy band is verry popular in Indonesia,, now it's heir era, hahaa I think you should catch your dream whatever it is,, good luck :)
@bm1b4by (82)
13 Aug 12
I've always wanted to learn guitar but have just never got the hang of it :( I wish I had tried to learn more skills when I was younger cause it would have been easier to pick up.
14 Aug 12
yes, I'm so lucky because my fathetr gave me a guitar when I'm on 12 years old, and I really love guitar. for me guitar is my best friend, so when I'm bored , all I wanna do is to play my guitar :)