Showing you care

@Pocs39 (39)
August 13, 2012 9:49pm CST
With the holidays soon approaching, people will start to think about what they can do for others. Statistics show that acts of kindness, charity, play it forward and donations increase by 47% durning the holidays. I have to ask, why? Shouldn't this percentage only slightly increase. Why is it the helping others only comes to the minds of obviously, most people durning this time of year. Shouldn't it be a year round concern? Most people who need help need it mostly throughout the rest of the year. I make a effort to try and do something once a month, rather than just durning the holiday season. Is it too much to drop off a blanket at a shelter or maybe a few can goods on your way home from work. A bag of outgrown clothes to the local children's home. A small cash donation to the firefighters. Our ability to help one another separate us from the animals. The world today is more of a look the other way world, if you don't see it, it isn't there. That is no way to look at things, how can things change if no one can see what is in front of them.
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@marguicha (102275)
• Chile
21 Aug 12
I have noticed that there are some people who care for others the year around and some that don´t care at all no matter what. Some are generous, some aren´t. I wish we could do our best to have a society centered in being instead of having. The feverish seeking of the material part of life has become a sort of a cult.
• United States
14 Aug 12
I think as long as you are doing your part you should be happy. If the rest don't see what you see it is thier loss not yours. I see all the time good being done in the world just like bad. it is like this everywhere. hopefully soon you may see it too.