Amazon's Kindle Fire

kindle fire - A photo of the amazon's kindle fire
@chardyme (1633)
August 14, 2012 4:48am CST
I was supposed to buy 2 Apple iPod Touch, 1 for me and 1 for my wife (something to be left in the house for my kids as well while I'm at work). During my stay in the US, I never told her that I already bought an iPod because I wanted to surprise them that I got new gadgets. But everytime we chat, she would always mention how much a tablet cost in US? I would always tell her that it was very expensive and I can't afford it. So I already know what she really want, I just don't want to tell her that I could buy her a tablet because I still wanted to surprise her. So, I get back to and look around and yeah, they have their own tablet, Kindle Fire, worth $199, pretty much close to the iPod Touch that I bought a week before I decided to check on this item. I was first hesitant to buy this item, I am not sure what this item is capable of and I even compared it with iPod Touch that I bought thinking that iPod have more features than Kindle Fire. It would be good to have 2 iPod and we can do some Face Time with, but thinking that we don't have WiFi at home so that won't work. But she insisted on having a tablet, so I'd gave her a tablet. So what's good with Kindle Fire? It's basically an e-reader and added up some apps features in it to make it look cooler than the previous versions of Kindle. You can buy/download stuffs from to read ebooks, watch videos/movies, listen to music and get some free apps. So thinking that I can still have some free stuffs in it, I go ahead and bought one. It was delivered to me in the hotel after a week. At first I was so excited for this item, I immediately opened it and get to see all of its features, good thing we had WiFi in the hotel so I get check and download some stuffs for it. Though Amazon don't really have much of free stuffs in it but I was able to download couple of free ebooks, magazines, apps and watch some old movies in it. But when I tried putting some movies that I have downloaded, it doesn't reflect in the Videos section, then I just discovered that those files can be seen in the Gallery section. It can only play certain video file type like Mp4. Though at first I got contented with it, I brought back home and surprised my wife and my kids that I have bought them tablet and they were happy with it at first. Sooner or later, little by little we are seeing some uncool side of this product. This needs to be connected to WiFi to operate some of its stuffs, the free apps I've downloaded before are not working anymore, it always popup message "Internet connection is needed!" then close the apps. I was thinking that those free apps have some expirations or something, so I'm trying to connect my Kindle Fire to WiFi. Recently, I have tried setting up wireless internet sharing through my laptop with Window 7 OS, my iPod can detect it and connect with it while Kindle Fire can't see it. So more problem for me to think of. I've recently read that Kindle Fire can be converted to other android type OS like Google's as it offers lots of apps. I haven't tried it yet but I have been thinking of doing it, I'll post it here some day if I get to be successful in doing it and the steps that I will do to convert it. It has something to do with the Kindle Fire Utility(KFU) as they call it. Overall, I am very much disappointed in having Kindle Fire and I should have stick to my initial plan of buying 2 iPod Touch. But hopefully I can successfully convert it to other Android OS so I can enjoy something out of it.
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@hotsummer (10465)
• Philippines
21 Aug 12
you should buy a samsung tablet instead. as it is pretty cheap now. although it is much cheaper in other countries. but i think the price in the philippines is not that expensive. i am just using playbook tablet. just fine with it. just that the keyboard is quite hanging sometimes and the browser also is not that fast. but i am not sure about the samsung tablet. but that is what i like. but i was just given this playbook tablet.
15 Sep 12
I've got an ipod touch and I love it, However I have been excited about the kindle fire ever since it came out in the US. It has recently been released in the UK and I'm excited about buying it. Its sad that you have been having such problems hopefully you will have better luck next time.
• United States
9 Feb 13
I think the kindle fire was a lot more exciting for those who had the old kindle. When I first got it, it seemed comparable to some tablets I had played with. Now that we got my son a bani it seems a lot lower quality and limited. Though I am using a kindle fire right now.