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August 14, 2012 5:46am CST
Good Day My Lotters, I am writing this to share to you the dilemma that I'm facing now. Guys, let me ask you, is it wrong to fall in love with someone you feel compatible despite the differences that you have? I guess, there is nothing wrong with it right as long as the two of you are not yet married and the very most important things is the two of you value each other feelings. But why is it guys that there are people out there who would like to oppose your choice? They are the people who are against your relationship. They criticize your relationship between you and your boyfriend. They don't want you to be with the guy because of their negative thoughts and judgement. First, because your boyfriend was born with only seven fingers. They said that your guy is abnormal. Second, because your boyfriend is jobless. They always told you to find a guy who has a stable job in order for you to have a brighter future. Next, when they found out that your boyfriend is going out with his drug addict friends and they will have the perception that your boy is also one of them. The very worst reason is when they believe the rumors saying that your BF committed adultery! My God! How can they judge a person without any proof at all! If you are in my shoes,would you be happy to hear those negative feedback regarding your BF? This is the very worst situation I'm facing right now guys and I'm totally not happy with this! I am so confuse why they are treating us like this? Why they wanted to destroy our relationship? We neither disturb nor care about their life! I know that my boy is physically lacks something but born with that kind of condition doesn't mean he's abnormal. But sad to say, some people can hardly understand. For them, his condition is the number one reason why he can't find work. But they never ever try to consider that my boyfriend is not working for he is the one who taking care of his parents. So, do you think they have the right to underestimate him? I am into this relationship understanding his situation and loving him regardless of his appearance. I don't need to be the center of attention around others. So, why can't they leave us alone?:( Regarding mistakes, I hope I'm not wrong saying that nobody is perfect! Because perfection belongs only to God the creator of heaven and earth! But why there are innocent people who pretend to be more than God? They can't forgive others! Seems that they never make any mistakes at all. Know what, I feel so pity and shamed on them for they always keep concerning about others life, spreading rumors without realizing that their life is more worse than the persons they are referring to. Sometimes, I wonder... Why they are so jealous? Is it wrong to make my own choices in life? I don't think so.. for each of us are given the right to choose. The decision in choosing is on our own hands. And that's what we did. Before we officially agreed to become BF/GF, we had a heart to heart talked, made a reconciliation and try to see whether our relationship can work on after admitting all the mistakes we did in the past. Thanks to God for enlighten our minds, we're able to forgive each other and forget the past. We're moving on and at the same time, giving each other another chance to become a better person. With the trusts that we have, now we already reach four years in relationship. We strongly believe that this could not happen without God's love, grace and guidance. Our love is so strong and only God knows it. Though, we still confront mistreatment till now but we, with humble hearts are still patience hearing those negative treats. Undeniably, we are just human, we have our feelings and we are also capable to get hurt. Sometimes, I can't avoid from getting mad and I've noticed that my boyfriend is feeling the same way too but he doesn't want to make any trouble and make things more complicated. Instead, he always calms me down and keeps on reminding me that what is happening has its own purpose and meaning. We have to accept them with open hearts. Maybe, all these happen just to test us.To measure how far our love could reach and to see how sincere our love to each other. It's a battle of life... Meaning if we give up and lose hope, we'll lose and the people around will surely happy to see us apart. But we'll never allow this to happen and that is why we are still fighting till now and never ever try to give up. I always pray that these down moods don't last. If there's anyone who's been through something similar, or just has some ideas on how to let people understand our feelings would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted them to realize that it's not good to discriminate ones personality and to be a judgmental person. And among all to let them accept the fact that everyone certainly has advantages and disadvantages in life...
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
15 Aug 12
I agree with the two girls who posted their comments above. We are sometimes blinded by love. We accept everything our boy has because we truly love them. I've been in one failed relationship and I swear I have been through a lot. People questioned me and gossiped about why I chose the guy. He's a really good guy with a good job. But we have such very noticeable differences. I fought for it. He fought for me. Yet there were also wrong things we never see about the person we love. If he did a mistake, we would cover it up with good reasons. Friends will start to advise us that we might be mistaken but we seem not to accept this fact. But in the end, after a lot of struggle fighthing for our lvoe with the guy/girl we love... if it didn't work we will just wake up one day, telling ourselves we should have seen that before, and listened to them... Sorry to say all these things but who knows, your relationship with him is worth fighthing for. Only one thing is that try to really know him first and what';s his reaction would be if you ask him about getting a work. I mean, Okay he's taking care of his parents... but that should not be in the future. He must be the one working in case you and him started to decide having your own family.
@tetris15 (540)
• Philippines
14 Aug 12
You really can't please everybody. But did it occur to you why these people are saying those negative things about your boyfriend? I didn't mean to challenge you but have you ever wondered if those were true? Sometimes we are blinded by our feelings but wouldn't it be nice to have peace of mind about your relationship and really find the truth about everything? I am not saying that what those people are saying is true, I think finding out what's really true is just a way to protect yourself also if ever what you had believed in and stand up for were all false truth. I know you love your boyfriend so much that's why you are defending him and your relationship. But don't forget that you owe it to yourself to find out the truth behind everything. I wish you well.