New technique to put menopause effectively ‘on ice’.

August 14, 2012 11:56am CST
A new technique has been developed by which women will be able to give birth in old age following an ovary transplant breakthrough that means they can postpone menopause until well after the 50s. The technique is to remove parts of an ovary at a young age, store them for decades and transplant them at an old age. The graft is to be transplanted according to the choice of the woman. If she wants to go through the menopause, she might do it, otherwise, first one should be transplanted as the woman approaches the menopausal age. The woman may put a slice back every decade to retain her reproductive stage as long as she desires. The most important benefit of this treatment is that a woman born today has a 50% chance of living to 100, which means they are going to be spending half of their lives post- menopause. But this new technique can defer menopause as long as they desire. Scientists are also of the opinion that this treatment could also have health benefits, by avoiding the increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease linked to menopause. They, however, admit that it may raise the risk of breast and womb cancer. So what's your opinion about this new technique? Would it be a boon or a bane for woman?
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@vandana7 (69334)
• India
14 Aug 12
I think we women are blessed with ability to love. Saying that we can love only what comes from us is limiting our ability to love. While health benefits of this technique are definitely worth it, I would rather adopt a child who has lost both his parents and has nobody else to look after him or her. There are plenty of children who become orphans due to calamities and need a home. Shouldn't we be giving homes to them instead of spending fortune on research that can only add to population explosion? So yes, I am against in-vitro, against surrogacy, and against this system. There was another article sometime ago, womb outside womb. Meaning women would not have to get pregnant. Just donate ovum and man donates sperm the rest is done by an artificial womb. Logan's run..that was the movie..I was terrified of it..and we seem to be heading towards that.
• India
21 Aug 12
To adopt an orphan is a good idea but some have reservation for it.
@vandana7 (69334)
• India
22 Aug 12
If people have reservations about adopting an orphan, we taxpayers can have reservations about subsidizing another person's education, food, transport, medical facilities, etc., isn't it? Time people grew up.
• United States
16 Aug 12
I think this is great news for women who want to wait to have children. But for me, a person who wished that she Never had that first period , that would be horrifing! The one thing I am looking forward to is No periods! But for others they will do it in a heartbeat.