What's the best thing you can do in a holiday?

@Daisy_22 (1230)
August 14, 2012 4:38pm CST
Korea is celebrating now it's deliberation Day. It's their independence day from Japan.In connection to that we also had a holiday since our company is based on Korea. on the other hand, I'm just confused what to do now since we are only holidays but others are not.It seems that we are not in holiday.... what's your suggestion to have an enjoyable holiday?
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@olliekobra1 (1826)
22 Aug 12
bank holidays are really good times i usually spend these holidays by taking my family out for the day maybe playing games or going for a nice meal. Relaxing is a good way of spending the day.
@velentina (893)
• Mauritius
17 Aug 12
If you are feeling tired from work....take a good rest by staying at home. Prepare a good lunch and watch your favourite program on TV or DVD. Otherwise go out for shopping or with friends.
@512771751 (1096)
• China
15 Aug 12
If it is find during a holiday, then I would like to have a trip with my families. Or I will stay at home if the weather is not fine.
@GemmaR (8526)
15 Aug 12
I think it depends whether you have a family or whether you're on your own. Public holidays mean nothing to me because I am self employed, so the fact is that if I want a holiday I will take one, and if I have work to do when the rest of the country is having a holiday then that is just something that I am going to do. If you have a family then you should try to do something together, maybe going to a theme park or for a day out on the beach. If you are on your own, then you could either go and visit family/friends, or you could go and have a lovely lazy day at home if this is something that you rarely get the chance to do.
• China
15 Aug 12
Dear Daisy,if you just have one day off and your friends and relatives still need to go to work,why not just stay in your house and take a goo rest?then just walk around near you aimlessly,just enjoy the time almost everyone need to work except you,then you must will find something seems common but actually it is news and interesting to you but you just neglect it because you always busy.
@litvillegas (1275)
• Philippines
15 Aug 12
Hello Daisy_22 Good for you!..:) Well in that case, try to enjoy making discussions here in mylot.lol.just kidding..but why not.. Kidding aside.. I guess it's time for you to relax,maybe going to spa therapy is enjoyable..:).. What about going to movie theater, shopping mall or just stay home baking cake or cookies..:)Hmmm,yummy.. Hope you enjoy your vacation. Have a great day..
@toniganzon (53688)
• Philippines
15 Aug 12
You don't feel like you're on a holiday because it's not actually a holiday in your place. Well, I guess all you could do is stay here on mylot all day. You can make some great discussions or go over discussions and post responses. Since you don't feel like it's a holiday, you could work on mylot instead! I usually don't go anywhere on a one day holiday. And I usually work on a holiday in my dad's office. That's the only time I could be there in our hometown. So you see, no holiday for me.
@ravisivan (14053)
• India
14 Aug 12
Daisy: Spend time in mylot --25%. Watch movies in dVD/internet--25% Cleaning the house/computer files --25% sleep --25% Now you require some more time.