Zombie Apocalypse

August 15, 2012 8:56pm CST
If that happens, I wanna be trapped in a mall and then I'd go directly to the food section. I'll secure that location. I'll make sure that I have a go-bag filled with foods, med, etc. just in case I have to leave the store. Best weapon for this is bow and arrow and a knife. How do you think you would survive a zombie apocalypse? Where would you go when that happens? And what weapon would you choose?
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• Philippines
18 Aug 12
everyone wants to be trapped in a mall. there are pros and cons here. Pros: - There are a lot of items you can use for the whole duration of the zombie apocalypse. - It's a big place so you'll be able to walk around inside without getting bored. Cons - Because of its size, you'll have a hard time securing it alone. You'll need a team of people and coordinate your movements in order to safely clear the area. - Being a mall, it'll be a likely target for raiders. So if you ever want to be stuck in a mall during a Zombie Apocalypse, make sure you've coordinated everything with your friends so you can safely clear it and defend it. Good luck!
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• United States
22 Dec 12
If we had notice, I would prefer to stay home and our community work together and create borders around the area so they cannot enter. That way we have access to fresh water that we can boil for use and create an irrigation system like ancient times that lead to an area where we can grow food. I would not want to be trapped in a store/mall especially if there is no power. Pretty soon things will start to rot and in will start to smell really bad. The mall would probably already be full because with notice they would probably lock down and not let anyone in or out. If I could not be home then I think I would prefer a hospital or a college but I am not sure.
@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
If there are news beforehand that there would be a zombie apocalypse then it would be better, I mean in terms of preparation. We (me, my husband and our child) should look for a place like Hershel's. Dig a hole around the place, deep enough for them not to be able to climb. We will just make a bridge something similar to a castle's bridge where you can lay down or place up. If the apocalypse come up as a surprise then I think we would go the nearest mall. If the mall safe enough then we could stay there for quite some time provided there are still lots of supplies.
@greenpeas (999)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
If zombie apocalypse happened, the first thing to do is secure my family. Then all the things we need - canned/packed foods, bottled waters, medicines, and weapons. Then find a vehicle and drive ourselves to a secluded place. A mansion or big house where there are zero to little trees or homes around them will be an ideal place, so you can see zombie horde approaching a mile away so you will have time to escape. We will build a strong wall around it if there are none, and watchtowers so we can snipe zombies or dangerous human intruders. The carried foods and water will eventually run out, so we need to seek out nearby abandoned stores or homes which will be dangerous. We will probably build gardens and wells so we can survive without getting out of our haven.