Music is Everywhere

@flapiz (7013)
August 16, 2012 3:20am CST
Music has always been a part of life. It is a culture and an art. Though some people think that music is only limited to those produced by musical instruments and human singing voice, I beg to differ. There is a saying that goes, "music is everywhere, all we need to do is listen." I strongly believe in this. Music can be from birds, trees, and even the gushing of the wind. It can be from footsteps, running water, and even the softest pin drop. Music is ever present. How about you guys? Do you think that music is everywhere? What do you consider as music?
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• Philippines
17 Aug 12
I also agree with you. Music is everywhere, every sound we hear that are pleasing to our ears is music. We onlyhave to listen and appreciate its beauty and existing. I like to hear the sound of water from the waterfalls. Happy myLotting!
@flapiz (7013)
• Australia
17 Aug 12
Well you are right, music is the sound pleasing to the ears. Because if it is not pleasing to the ears then it is noise. But sometimes though people differ in perception. To some, rock is music, but to others it is noise. LoL. I also think that the sound of a waterfall is pleasing to the ears. It is somewhat calming and relaxing.