Wish that every single moment i can apply this code of mine...

@deodavid (4150)
August 16, 2012 5:59am CST
Hi there guys Well i was browsing YouTube a couple of days a go and i stumbled upon a guy who was teaching kids regarding how to be successful and he was kinda shouting but not angry i think he is just trying to push the ideas mentally by doing that so he was teaching the class about wanting success and he says that success comes with hard work and all the effort in the world but unless (here comes the quote) you wanna be successful as much and you wanna breathe then you'll never get there and right now i am trying to live that code since i have heard it it is hard to do it but there is nothing more in life i wanna be but successful so i pray to God that i can be that and live this day by day so i can be successful at anything that i do wanting things to be a success as much as i wanna take in my breathe every single moment.
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