Making assets to pay debts by sinful rose

@deodavid (4150)
August 16, 2012 6:24am CST
Hi there lotters well you know me i usually throw in a couple of debt about topics every one's in a while because i am in that situation, well i chatted with sinful rose a couple of days ago on how she will manage debts just in case she had one and she told me that if that happens she will incur debt that will pay for itself hmmm got me thinking a little bit there that sounds like a business strategy and it was she was thinking on putting up a business that she got from a loan that will get enough revenue to pay for its daily needs and at the same time pay the debts she owes in time well i do have an example of that and it was done by my aunt Fe who is good in business she bought a condo near a medical school and set it up so that it can fit at least four renters comfortably and of course for girls only and she payed the down-payment and now there are renters and the rent is now paying the remainder of the balance on the condo and my aunt fe still have some to put away, now that is how you make your business pay your debt right, how about you guys have a thought about this? Thanks for the idea sinful rose.
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