Secrets sometimes good, or its not..

August 17, 2012 1:03am CST
In our daily lives encounters, we used to face various situations and problems.. it only depends on us, if how we interact on it. Things that sometimes we think we have to keep for the reason of avoiding too much trouble, or reveal it for justification....which you may consider it good or not. I agree that it works for me as good sometimes, but when things go wrong..the feelings gets more heavier as i kept it for long. I feel bothered, always pressured..uneasy, tiring..but my conscience was in between. And as i analyze it, i still end-up keeping it and think of all's goodsake.
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@jricky1 (6808)
• China
17 Aug 12
Secrets can be sweets and you guys sharing together and enjoy the mysterious.However,sometimes it does hurts and people feel tired about unvealing,just live happily and feel easy,everything will be fine.Have a nice day,wahwee.
@ARIES1973 (9539)
• Legaspi, Philippines
17 Aug 12
Most of the time, the more we keep the truth unrevealed, the more problem we create. I also experience the same thing right now, trying to hide the truth because we wanted to protect other people. Lies after lies. I am not used to it but I have to do this for the group. I admit it is really hard.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
17 Aug 12
well some things are better not to be sad. Like for me what I have been going here, I can not share with anyone because it was my choice to be in this place and if I try sharing it with anyone, I know what I will get the answer in return. So it is better I keep the secrets to myself. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.